Course Syllabi

2018-2019 Course Syllabi

Syllabi are available to download, view and print in Adobe Acrobat format (PDF). If you have difficulty viewing or printing a document, please contact the registrar’s office at 563/552-5214 and we will make arrangements to have a printed copy available for pick-up.

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Career and Technical Education

Applied Industrial Technology

Dave Corbin Basic Gas Metal Arc Welding  |  Basic Welding   |  Construction 1
Flame/Plasma Cutting Fundamentals   |   General Metals   |   Machine Ops
Manufacturing  |  Welding Safety
Mitch Kratochvill Laptop Use  |   General Info  |  Computer Aided Drafting Design
Computer Technical Drafting  |  Construction I  |  Construction II
Video Production  |  Web Design
Greg Moklestad Architecture Drawing  |  Engineering 1  |  Engineering 2
Tom Soat Cabinet Making  |  Woodworking
Mike Truesdale Auto Care & Maintenance  |  Auto Chassis & Drive Trains
Auto Diagnostics  |  Electricity  |  Small Engine Repair

Business Education

Rebecca Leinaar IJAG 11-12
Roger Poling Customer Service Strategies   |   Intro to Computer Science   |   Multimedia
Pre-employment Strategies   |   Sales/Advertising  |  Secret to My Success
Jim Tiedeman Accounting 1  |  Accounting 2  |  Computer Essentials  |  Entrepreneurship
Intro To Business  |  Personal Finance  |  Secret to My Success
Danielle Tuescher IJAG 9-10

Family and Consumer Studies

Aziza Wallin Foods 1  |  Foods 2  |  International Foods 2
Jennifer Westmark Child Growth  |  Early Childhood 1  |  Foods 1  |  Infant/Toddler
Parenting   |  Life Management   |  Personal Family Relationship

Health (CNA)

Kathy Demmer Certified Nurse Aide  |  Dosage Calculations  |  Health Occupations
Introduction to Nutrition  |  Medication Terminology



Sarah Blosch Journalism  |  Newspaper  |  Yearbook
Justin Busch Composition  |  English 3-4
Theresa Cheever English 3-4  |  Written Communications
Courtney Christianson Contemporary Literature  |  English 1-2  |Speech
Heather Coenen Creative Writing  |  Film 1  |  Film 2  |  U.S. Literature
Beth Duccini Composition  |  English 1-2  |  Speech
Marcya Grudzina English 3-4  |  Young Adult Literature
Peter Hesselman English 1-2  |  English 3-4
Janie Houselog Contemporary Literature  |  Composition  |  English 3-4
World Literature
Michelle Hunt AP Language and Composition  |  Honors English 1-2
AP Literature and Composition
Linda Jegerlehner Practical English 1-2  |  Practical English 3-4
Practical Composition   |  Practical U.S. Literature
Jesse McDowell AP Language and Composition  |  British Literature
Contemporary Literature |  Reading
Angela Noel AP Language  |  Honors English 1-2  |  World Literature
Amanda Potter English 1-2  |  Composition  |  World Communications
Mark Ressler English 3-4  |  Honors English 3-4  |  Reading
Kate Riepe Advanced Theatre  |  English 1-2  |  Film 1  |  Theatre  |  U.S. Literature
Andrea Runde Composition   |  Young Adult Literature
Don Stanner Advanced Speech  |   Speech
Susan Uhal Practical Reading  |  Practical Reading 2


Fine Arts


Sara Hilby Advanced Art 2-D  |  Art 2-D  |  Art 2-D: Portfolio
Thaeley Malone Advanced Art 3-D  |  Art 2-D  |  Art 3-D
Alan Schoer Photography I: Basic  |  Photography II: Advanced


Greg Dowe Band  |  Band/Color Guard  |  Jazz Band  |  Music Theory  |  Percussion
Kevin Price-Brenner Orchestra
Jill Sieverding Ambassador Singers   |  Advanced Chorale Music Portfolio 
Beginning Piano   |  Chorale  |   Concert Choir



Renee Beach Practical Math 1  |  Practical Math 3
Rita Crotty Honors Pre-Calculus
Allison Drahozal Algebra I  |  Geometry
Zach Gogel Algebra II  |  Honors Algebra II
Michael Kallaher Honors Geometry  |  Modeling with Mathematics
Statistics Through Applications
Holly Knez Geometry
Jason Loeffelholz Algebra I  |   Geometry
Andrew Roos Geometry  |  Honors Geometry
Amanda Severson Algebra II  |  Transition to College Math
Chris Streets Algebra I
Jennifer Tigges AP Computer Science  |  Algebra I  |  Honors Algebra II
Harmony Van Nevele Algebra I  |  Algebra II
John Warnke Algebra I  |  AP Statistics
Karen Weires AP Calculus AB  |  AP Calculus BC
Mark West AP Calculus AB  |  Precalculus



Eddie Bauer Physical Science  |  Biology
Kristin Belle Chemistry  |  Honors Chemistry
Doug Blosch Global Science
Angie Breitbach Honors Physics  |  Physics
Jennifer Clasen Physical Science  |  Biology
Glenda Davis Chemistry  |  Biology
Coleen Frenzel Anatomy  |  AP Biology
Mark Hennessy AP Chemistry  |  Chemistry
Karen Hitchcock Practical Global Science
Emily Kelley Biology
Hannah Koerperich Practical Biology
Scott McCaw Astronomy  |  Global Science  |  Honors Global Science
Craig McGrane Practical Physical Science
David Raymond Global Science  |  Honors Global Science
Andrew Reese Global Science
Kris Spiegler Honors Biology


Social Studies

Casey Anderson AP Economics  |  US History
Kent Coleman Psychology  |  World History
Curt Deutsch AP Human Geography
Adam Didesch American Government   |  Sociology  |  World Cultures
Mike Doyle
Brenda Foust World History
Sandy Hoerner AP Psychology
Brian Honerbaum Economics  |  Values  |  Success Planning  |  World History
Dan Klavitter
Lori Lammers World Cultures  |  World History
Luke Maas Practical U.S. History
Adam Miller AP Psychology  |  US History
Eric Miller U.S. History  |  AP World History
Joel Miller AP Government  |  American Government
Craig Olson U.S. History
Chad Parkin AP U.S. History  |  U.S. History
Jordan Palmer


World Language

Darcey Bolinger-Valverde Spanish 1-2  |  Spanish 3-4
Mike Doyle Practical World Cultures
Deb Engleman Spanish 1-2  |  Spanish 5-6
Beth Hoden Spanish 1-2
Korinne Hollis French 1-2  |  French 5-6
Laura Jordahl Spanish 1-2  |  Spanish 3-4
Katie Koerperich Spanish 7-8
Martine Lyon French 3-4  |  French 5-6  |  French 7-8
Angie Olson German 1-2  |  German 5-6  |  German 7-8
Correy Torres Spanish 1-2  |  Spanish 3-4



Mark Ehlers Team Sports
Matt Ehlers Strength and Conditioning  |  Individual/Dual Sports  |  Team Sports
Charles Haas Performance PE  |  Strength and Conditioning
Jeff Rapp Health Club Fitness  |  Health I  |  Health II  |  Individual/Dual Sports
Karla Weber Health Club Fitness  |  Water Fitness


English Language Learners

Susan Ellis Advanced  |  Beginning  |  Intermediate  |  Newcomer


Special Education

Jeff Brandel Community Job Training  |  Functional Academics
Personal Social
Terry Breitbach Work Experience
Mike Doyle Resource 12
Ralph Ellwanger Resource 10  |  Resource 11
Darla Henry Resource 9
Jake Hesselman Practical Biology
Karen Hitchcock Resource 9
Linda Jegerlehner Practical Composition |  Practical English 3-4
Resource 10 
Kevin Kapparos Community Functioning  |  Community Job Training
Functional Academics  |  Personal/Social Skills
Recreation/Leisure  |  Vocational Skills
David King English 1-2  |  English 3-4
Dan Klavitter Practical World History   |  Resource 10
Chris Lange Community Functioning  |  Functional Academics
Vocational Skills
Luke Maas Practical US History   |   Resource 11
Craig McGrane Physical Science
Hillary Melvold Behavior Awareness  |  Resource 9
Tera Otting Behavior Awareness
Don Pirkle Community Functioning  |  Community Job Training 10-12
Domestic Home Environment  |  Functional Academics
Personal/Social Skills  |  Vocational Skills
Renee Roos Practical Math 1  |  Practical Math 4
Resource 10
Nick Stevenson Practical Math 1  |  Resource 12
Amy Taylor Community Functioning  |  Functional Academics
Domestic Home Environment
Susan Uhal Practical Reading
Rhonda Welp Resource 9