About Our School


Stephen Hempstead High School is a comprehensive four year public high school serving Dubuque, Iowa. Hempstead was built in 1969. Its first graduating class was in 1971. Dubuque is a picturesque community of over 60,000, built on wooded bluffs overlooking the Mississippi River. Tourism, industry, agriculture and three private colleges and two seminaries add to the historical flavor of Iowa’s first settlement.

Dubuque Community School District has a population of approximately 10,000 students. Hempstead High School’s enrollment is approximately 1600 students with graduating classes of around 400 students each year. Classes are in session for 182 days each school year. The school day is from 7:35 a.m. to 2:20 p.m. including 7 periods of 47 minutes each. There are over 110 certified staff members at Hempstead.

Mission Statement

The mission of Hempstead High School is to educate each student to meet successfully the challenges and opportunities in a changing world.

Hempstead Community Expectations

” Show Respect: Treat with consideration, honor and compassion.”
” Follow Rules: Ensure safety and a positive learning environment.”
” Be Ready: Prepared, on time with materials.”
” Be Responsible: Morally accountable for one’s actions. “