School History

History of Hempstead High School

Named after former Iowa Governor Stephen Hempstead, Hempstead High School is the newer of Dubuque’s two public high schools.  The school officially opened in 1970 and today serves over 1,600 students.

Since its construction, the building has continued to see significant growth in student population and programs.  This growth spurred a series of renovation projects since it October 25,1970 opening.

Following space studies in 1997 and 2001, phase one of Hempstead’s renovation was completed in 2004 with a focus on the building D-wing, new locker bays and original geothermal expansion and new Art, Social Studies and Science rooms as well as new windows on the south side of the school.  Phases three and four followed shortly thereafter with a new library, renovation of Math, Science and English classrooms as well as complete interior renovation of the C-wing and geothermal expansion.  These phases were completed in 2008.

Based on an update 2007 space study, planning for this current renovation began in September 2012 using FEH Associates Inc. to design the space.  It includes the addition of a 700-seat auditorium, an auxiliary gym with two courts and seating for 450, additional classroom space for Music and Technology Education, a new kiln room in Art, new administrative offices and other mechanical and safety enhancements.  construction began in 2013 with Conlon Construction serving as general contractor.

The facilities you see today are an example of the Dubuque Community School District’s commitment to providing students with modern facilities that meet the needs of today’s learning – all made possible through the critically important One-Cent Sales Tax revenue.