The Parent-Student Handbook is available at
District Forms
After updating family and student information on the parent PowerSchool login you can access the following district forms by clicking on the eRegistration Forms link and choosing District Forms.
• Free and Reduced Meals Application & Fee Waiver Forms
• Athletics Participation Forms
• Asthma or Airway Constricting Medication Self-Administration Consent Form
• Certificate of Dental Screening: All 9th grade students and students new to Iowa are required to have documentation of a dental exam. Copies will be available during registration.
• Request for Medication to be Given at School Form: (Prescription and Over-the-Counter). Copies will be available during registration. This form requires a doctor/nurse practitioner signature.
• School Nurse Administration of Acetaminophen/Ibuprofen: Copies will be available during registration. This form only requires a parent/guardian signature.
• Information Release (Directory/Military), DCSD Homeless Questionnaire, Proof of Residence, Non-Employee Background Check Packet, Iowa Youth Survey Refusal of Consent, Wellness Curriculum Student Exclusion Form

Hempstead Forms
AFTER you verify your student/family information through PowerSchool, click the FORMS link on the FORMS tab in PowerSchool.  You will be directed to a listing of forms.  Scroll to the bottom of the page under SCHOOL FORMS to find the following:


* Hempstead Booster Club letter and application

o This club supports all activities and academics at Hempstead High School, not just athletics.  Please consider joining.

Regular and Green Team parking permits are available by completing the online application referenced above.  The application is also available for download to be submitted by email to  After Green Team permits have been assigned, seniors will have priority followed by juniors, sophomores, then freshman.  Parking applications must be filled out by going to Parking Permit Application.  Student permits are $40 for the year.  The list of students receiving permits will be posted at registration.  Students on the permit list can make payments and receive their permit at registration or later in the Assistant Principal’s Office.  Please do not mail in your checks.  Remember, parking permits are not considered valid until eRegistration is completed.

Student Fee Payment:
See separate sheet in the mailing for Student Fee Options. We strongly encourage families to prepay. Thank you.

Schedule changes: Counselors will be available during the registration process to correct errors on student schedules. Schedule changes are only allowed if the student needs a change because of ability level, early graduation, post-secondary course, or graduation requirements.