School Handbook

23 24 MY DESIGN Hempstead High School Student Parent Handbook

Hempstead Administration

Mr. Lee Kolker Principal
Ms. Julia Jorgenson Assistant Principal, Registrar
Ms. Karla Schweagler Assistant Principal, Student Discipline  ( Last names A-H )
Ms. Kathy McCarthy Assistant Principal, Student Discipline ( Last names M-Z )
Mr. Eric Miller Assistant Principal, Activities & Athlectic Director
Mr. Jeffery Hoerner Student Needs Facilitator ( Last names I-L )

School Hours

Regular Schedule 7:35 am – 2:20 pm
Friday late arrival 8:35 am – 2:20 pm
The building is open to students at 7:15 am.  They may enter through the Student Entrance or Lower-Level Bus entrance. Students are expected to leave the bulidng by 2:30 pm or within 15 minutes after an early release, unless they are under direct supervision of a teachers, coach or extra-curricular sponsor. Supervision is not available on grounds at other times.

Hempstead Telephone Numbers

Main Office 563-552-5200 Hours: 6:45 am – 3:15 pm
Attendance Office 563-552-5210
Counseling Office 563-552-5200
Assistant Principal’s Office 563-552-5208
Activity Office 563-552-5230 Fax 563-552-5231
Heatlh Office 563-552-5243 Fax 563-552-5191
Business Office 563-552-5240 Fax 563-552-5251
Registrar Office 563-552-5214 Fax 563-552-5241

Staff Directory: We encourage parent to contact teachers directly through voice mail or e-mail with questions or concerns.  Click here for our online directory.

Counseling Department

Student’s are assigned to counselor by Last Name
Ms. Natalie Nemmers A – C
Ms. Cox D – Ha
Ms. Brandie Seay He – La
Ms. Ashley Fure Le – Pa
Ms. Diane Frambach Pe – Si
Ms. Becky Fellenzer Sk – Z