School Handbook

Hempstead High School Student Handbook 2022-23

 Hempstead Administration

Mr. Lee Kolker Principal
Ms. Julia Jorgenson Assistant Principal, Registrar
Ms. Karla Schweagler Assistant Principal, Student Discipline  ( Last names A-H )
Ms. Kathy McCarthy Assistant Principal, Student Discipline ( Last names M-Z )
Mr. Eric Miller Assistant Principal, Activities & Athlectic Director
Mr. Jeffery Hoerner Student Needs Facilitator ( Last names I-L )

School Hours

Regular Schedule 7:35 am – 2:20 pm
Friday late arrival 8:35 am – 2:20 pm
The building is open to students at 7:15 am.  They may enter through the Student Entrance or Lower-Level Bus entrance. Students are expected to leave the bulidng by 2:30 pm or within 15 minutes after an early release, unless they are under direct supervision of a teachers, coach or extra-curricular sponsor. Supervision is not available on grounds at other times.

Hempstead Telephone Numbers

Main Office 563-552-5200 Hours: 6:45 am – 3:15 pm
Attendance Office 563-552-5210
Counseling Office 563-552-5200
Assistant Principal’s Office 563-552-5208
Activity Office 563-552-5230 Fax 563-552-5231
Heatlh Office 563-552-5243 Fax 563-552-5191
Business Office 563-552-5240 Fax 563-552-5251
Registrar Office 563-552-5214 Fax 563-552-5241

Staff Directory: We encourage parent to contact teachers directly through voice mail or e-mail with questions or concerns.  Click here for our online directory.

Counseling Department

Student’s are assigned to counselor by Last Name
Ms. Natalie Nemmers A – C
Ms. Cox D – Ha
Ms. Brandie Seay He – La
Ms. Ashley Fure Le – Pa
Ms. Diane Frambach Pe – Si
Ms. Becky Fellenzer Sk – Z