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2018 Piano Class Extraordinary Mustangs in Our Community
Hempstead Women’s Basketball Great way to represent Hempstead!
Hempstead Men’s Basketball
  • Good luck to Men's and Women's bowling today as they take on the state bowling meet!

  • Good job to Olivia Fransen, Erin Bughman, Lauren Bergquist, Ethan Spires, Andrew Sear, Justice Heinold, and Hannah Kramer on their performance at Sunset Park for piano! Way to go Mustangs!

  • Good Luck to the Hempstead Women's Basketball team today against Ceder Falls!


It’s a great day to be a mustang!

At Hempstead High School, we prepare students who are ready for success in a changing world. This success is rooted in what we call #MustangPRIDE – we are Prepared, Responsible, Inclusive, Dignified and Empowered!