Mustang Service Award

Mustang Service

The purpose of Mustang Service is to instill within students the importance of community service and to encourage students to invest in their community on a regular basis during their high school years.  In addition, community service hours are a requirement for certain scholarships and are an excellent addition to a student’s resume.

Service Awards at Hempstead

The Mustang Service Awards recognize students for their community service over the course of their four years at Hempstead.  When a student volunteers 75 hours, they will be awarded with a Mustang Service Award medal at the Hempstead Awards Night in April.  When a student continues service and volunteers another 75 hours (150 hours total) they will be awarded with a Mustang Service Award plaque at the Hempstead Awards Night in April.  Any student volunteering at least 75 hours during their time at Hempstead will also receive a pin for their cap when they graduate.

Service Clubs at Hempstead

There are several service clubs at Hempstead that are open to all students:

Interact Club:  a service and humanitarian group that is sponsored by the Rotary Club of Dubuque.  Interact Club does community service projects locally and internationally.

Key Club:  a service organization for students sponsored by the local Kiwanis Club to develop leadership skills and good citizenship.

Octagon Club: the junior division of the Optimist Club: a service and volunteer organization.

Other service opportunities (but not limited to):

Humane Society                                               March of Dimes, Relay for Life, or other walks

Dubuque Food Pantry                                      Athletic team manager

St. Mark’s Community Center                          Boy/Girl Scouts

After school tutoring                                         4-H Club

Special Olympics                                             Tri-State Blind Society

Local churches/synagogues                            Nursing Homes

Your service matters!  Here is how to begin…

Stop by the Counseling Office to get more information about volunteering opportunities.  Grab a service hours tracking sheet from Mrs. Scales in the main office, or click here to download/print.  Begin volunteering and keep track of your hours spent volunteering.  At the end of each school year, turn in your tracking sheet (no matter how many hours you have completed) to Mrs. Scales in the main office.  You will begin a new tracking sheet the next year. You can also include volunteer hours from other clubs/groups towards the Mustang Service Awards.