Spanish Club

The Spanish club is a language club that functions to further students’ cultural awareness and appreciation of Spanish. We work throughout the year to provide a wide range of cultural and language experiences. Trips we have planned in the past include a trip to Chicago to see a museum display for the Day of the Dead, visit a Spanish neighborhood and eat in an authentic Mexican restaurant. We also have attended Hispanic Cultural Ballet to experience the different cultural dances from all over the Hispanic world. Finally, we provide the ultimate field trip of travel to a Spanish speaking country every other year. In the past we have traveled to Mexico, Spain, and Costa Rica. In order to help our members take advantage of these experiences and trips, we sometimes offer fundraisers throughout the year.

Locally we have Hispanic meals at local restaurants and practice speaking Spanish with the staff and each other. In addition we have had other cultural experiences such as salsa dancing and movies in Spanish. We always participate in the Homecoming parade and incorporate a cultural perspective to the school theme. Students design a t-shirt and other clothing items to wear in support of their club membership.

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  • Laura Jordahl