Student Government

Spring Wind 2023
April 3-6, 2023

Monday, April 3rd 

  • Ticketed events, periods 1-10
  • Specific ticketed events

Tuesday, April 4th

  • Hempstead Career Fair
  • Moody Gym, periods 3-8 (including Support time)
  • Hempstead’s Got Talent, Auditorium, 7-9 pm


Wednesday, April 5th

  • Flip-flop assembly
    • Students go to designated flip-flop location with 2nd period teacher at the beginning of 2nd period, 45 minute session. 
      • Specific teacher assignments will be announced later.
    • Then flip to opposite locations for 45 minutes. Should be done around 10, then dismiss to support time locations.
      • Flip-flop location 1: Hypnotist in North Gym
      • Flip-flop location 2: Pep Assembly in Moody Gym
  • Powerball (Junior vs. Senior boys volleyball), period 9, North Gym
  • Seniors vs. Staff basketball, period 10, North Gym


Thursday, April 6th

  • Dance Marathon
  • Periods 1-10, North Gym
  • Rave dance, Cafeteria, 7-9 pm

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