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Hempstead Spring Wind 2019 Schedule

Date Day Event/Details Night Event/Details
Monday 3/18 Flip/Flop/Food Assembly
Feat-Chris Carter and “Mad Chad” Taylor
HHS Variety Show
Auditorium 7pm
Cost:$5 in advance or at door
Tuesday 3/19 Career Day/Fair Mr. Mustang
Auditorium 7pm ($5 admission; $1 votes)
Wednesday 3/20 Various Ticketed events
Get tickets at concession stand 6:30am Thurs. 3/14
Hypnotist Jim Kenaga
Auditorium 7pm ($10 at door)
Thursday 3/21 Regular School Day No Night Event
Friday 3/22 Spring Wind Assembly
Follow Friday Assembly Schedule
Dance Marathon begins 9am
Techno Rave
Cafeteria 7-9pm $5 at door

Flip Flop Schedule

Lunch (Cafeteria/Poolside) Performer: “Mad” Chad Taylor
Moody Gym
Performer: Chris Carter Auditorium
Rotation 1; 11:15-11:50 Group A Group B Group C
Rotation 2; 12:00-12:35 Group C Group A Group B
Rotation 3; 12:45-1:20 Group B Group C Group A

Group A: Math, Special Ed, Social Studies, CR Study Hall

Group B: Art, English, Music, World language, Upper Class SH, Those without a 5th Period

Group C: CTE, Science, Wellness, Success

Fifth Period Class will determine which group you belong to.

Schedule for 3/18/19:

Period 1: 7:35-8:14(39 minutes)

Period 2: 8:19-8:58(39 minutes)

Period 3: 9:03-9:42(39 minutes)

Period 4: 9:47-10:26(39 minutes)

Period 5: 10:31-11:10(39 minutes)

Assemblies: 11:15-1:20

Period 6: 1:25-2:03(38 minutes)

Period 7: 2:08-2:45(37 minutes)

Hempstead Survivors 2019

Ladies Gentlemen
Riley Bleymeyer Max Duax
Erin Daughetee Joey Kaesbauer
Elizabeth Freiberger Luke Kennedy
Kayla Lapage Zach Lewis
Morgan Ostrander Trevor Maiers
Anna Paca Peter Unmacht
Erin Rieckens Joe Vize
Skyler Soppe Lucas Smudka

Frostbite is coming up Jan. 28 — Feb. 2, 2019

Badminton Tournament Jan. 30
Hot Cocoa Trivia Jan. 31
Winter Formal Feb. 2.  For dance information click here.

Homecoming Court 2018

18 homecoming court

**Sierra Bauer, Riley Bleymeyer, Olivia Dryer, Isabella Edminster, Elizabeth Freiburger, Hannah Lanae Kramer, Alexi Maas, Danielle Montocchio, Grace Ries, MaKayla Scharpf, Joyce Sun, Madison Witter

**Calvin Allison, Kadel Coakley, Maxwell Duax, Owen Dunne, Jack Gehl, Connor Kaufmann, Garrett Long, Trever Maiers, Tanner Meier, Joe Pins, Peter Unmacht, Joe Vize

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Password: Last Name ( upon login you will be prompted to change your password…)

If you voted on the previous ballot and need to re-vote please use the password you created at that time.  If that does not work please see Ms. Lahey.

Date: Day Event/Details Night Event/Details
Monday 9/24 Make yourself at HOME (pjs) Dodgeball- 7:00PM
Tuesday 9/25 HOME away from HOME (tourist) Away VB Game
Swim meet Vs. Senior
Wednesday 9/26 HOMies (twin) Powderpuff-  7:00PM At Dalzell
Thursday 9/27 Class distinction:
Freshmen- Brown (Toto)
Sophomores- Blue (Dorothy’s Dress)
Juniors- Red (Ruby Slippers)
Seniors- Yellow (Yellow Brick Road)
Staff- Green (Emerald City)
Arts in the Library @ 7pm
Friday 9/28 Assembly & parade
There’s no place like HOME (Spirit)
Parade @ 1:15
Football game
Saturday 9/29   Homecoming Dance- 7:00 PM

Friday (9-28-18)  Schedule:

NO weapons/look alikes for any costumes. Hats (as part of costumes) are OK.

Period 1: 8:35 – 8:53

Period 2: 8:58 – 9:16

Period 3: 9:21 – 9:39

Period 4: 9:44 – 10:02

Period 5: 10:07 – 10:25

Period 6: 10:30 – 10:48

Period 7: 10:53 – 11:11

Assembly: 11:17 – 12:02

Lunch: 12:05 – 12:20

Dismissal following the Assembly (Buses Depart at 2:20)

Parade: 1:15

*Buses will run their regularly scheduled times. Bus students may wait in the library until their bus departs.

* Students may not leave school early and return for the assembly. If students do not have a 7th hour they should use the library or any LRC until the start of the assembly.

Football Game is Friday, September 28: 5:00 Sophomore

7:15 Varsity ( Both games at Dalzell Field)

2018-2019 Hempstead Executive Council

President/Vice President:

  • Isaac Johnson & Dani Montocchio


  • Grace Ries

Chair of Staff:

  • Bella Edminster


  • Morgan Pfohl

Chair of Senate:

  • Connor Kaufmann

Clubs and Organizations:

  • Kayla Valentine

Public Relations:

  • Joseph Garrett

Andrea Runde
Adam Miller