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Frostbite Week Events & Details

Wednesday, January 31st
*Dress Up theme: Solar Eclipse   Freshmen: white   Sophomores: blue   Juniors: purple   Seniors: pink   Staff: black*Night Event: Intramural skiing at Sundown – see Mr. Hoerner or Mr. Jason Loeffelholz for info*Night Event: Boys Basketball vs Iowa City High, sophomores at 6pm, varsity at 7:30 Moody GymThursday, February 1st*Dress Up theme: Northern Lights – Spirit Day*Night Event: Frostbite Dance   North Gym 8-10pm   $5 per ticket, tickets available in the Business Office starting January 24th   Guest forms must be submitted to AP Office by Friday, January 26th   Students must have current student ID to get into the dance   All dance attendance and behavior policies apply

Spring Wind 2023
April 3-6, 2023

Monday, April 3rd 

  • Ticketed events, periods 1-10
  • Specific ticketed events

Tuesday, April 4th

  • Hempstead Career Fair
  • Moody Gym, periods 3-8 (including Support time)
  • Hempstead’s Got Talent, Auditorium, 7-9 pm


Wednesday, April 5th

  • Flip-flop assembly
    • Students go to designated flip-flop location with 2nd period teacher at the beginning of 2nd period, 45 minute session. 
      • Specific teacher assignments will be announced later.
    • Then flip to opposite locations for 45 minutes. Should be done around 10, then dismiss to support time locations.
      • Flip-flop location 1: Hypnotist in North Gym
      • Flip-flop location 2: Pep Assembly in Moody Gym
  • Powerball (Junior vs. Senior boys volleyball), period 9, North Gym
  • Seniors vs. Staff basketball, period 10, North Gym


Thursday, April 6th

  • Dance Marathon
  • Periods 1-10, North Gym
  • Rave dance, Cafeteria, 7-9 pm

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