National Honor Society

What is National Honor Society (NHS)?

The National Honor Society recognizes students who are not only successful in the classroom, but are also active in both their school and their community. Selection is indeed an honor and a plus on college and scholarship applications. Membership is based on the following four criteria: scholarship, leadership, character, and service.

How are students selected?

Students are eligible their junior or senior year for selection.

After first semester grades are complete, current juniors and seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 (who have been in the district at least a semester) will be eligible for consideration. The GPA serves as the scholarship requirement needed for membership. All eligible juniors and seniors fill out a form listing all the clubs, sports, service, academic competitions, etc. that they have been a part of since freshman year.

When March arrives, the Hempstead faculty and staff finish the selection process by rating students on their leadership, character, and service.  Faculty and staff only rate the students they know (have taught, coached, advised, counseled, etc.).  All these rankings for each student are totaled and averaged for each category. The three averages for leadership, character, and service are combined with a student’s GPA to get a final average. Students with a high enough average are invited to become members of NHS.

The Faculty Council consisting of five teachers from all disciplines and the faculty advisor meet to double check all the numbers and to verify that all students selected for NHS are worthy of the honor.

How are students notified of their selection?

In April, all students selected for NHS are sent a congratulatory letter requesting their presence at an induction ceremony held in mid to late-April. Formal invitations are also mailed to the parents of all selected students detailing the induction date, time, and place.

What is expected of all NHS students?

All junior inductees are expected to fulfill 20 hours of service their senior year. As a group, NHS students perform various service projects and charitable fundraisers as well. All NHS members will be able to wear honorary cords with their cap and gown at graduation.

Selected students are expected to uphold the characteristics of scholarship, leadership, character, and service.  If deemed necessary by the Faculty Council, students can be stripped of their NHS honor.


  • Beth Hoden and Mike Kallaher

Directions For Students: Students please complete the following steps:

  1. Download a copy of the Candidate Form NHS .
  2. Fill in out on your computer.
  3. Save/upload it to your OneDrive.
  4. Get a share link for Candidate Form from OneDrive online and paste the link here.

*If you are not familiar with getting a share link from an O365 document please click here for directions.*

If you need assistance with any of the forms or share links please see Mrs. Lahey at the HelpDesk.